FLYTEK is a trademark owned by Tecno Meccanica S.r.l., a company of the Tecnolamiere group, an historical Tuscan company in the engineering sector founded in 1973 by Ginanni and Cipollini in Serravalle Pistoiese, and partner of the most important HORECA machines producers worldwide. 


History of the Company

Production, design, and engineering have always been carried out in harness with the customers, who have encouraged continuous technological developments. Tecnolamiere was able to satisfy any demand, with a personalised and accurate service. This partnership path, targeted at the research of qualitative and technological excellence, allowed the Tuscan company to successfully expand, in fact, today it is present in various market sectors such as Coffee Machinery, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Automation, and Lighting. Several are the collaborations with designers and architects for special orders, evidencing productive excellence appreciated at all levels.

Even after the generational passage and growth in dimensions and turnover, the company has always remained faithful to the ideas and values of the founding fathers: respect of work and human capital, support and maintenance of the production in Tuscany, in the territory of its historical roots. A winning and far-sighted choice, since today Italian craftsmanship, design, and know-how are more and more appreciated worldwide.


FLYTEK is the division dedicated to single-portion professional coffee machinery for the HORECA and HOME AND OFFICE sectors. To satisfy a more and more strategic market area, with paper coffee pods and FAP capsules system have been added to the range, satisfying even the most demanding customers. Today, FLYTEK has a plant of about 2500 square metres in Serravalle Pistoiese, result of an enlargement of the historical site located in Tuscany. Here the structures and mechanical components, which are then assembled by qualified workers, are produced with state-of-the-art technologies developed by our Research and Development department. The results are greatly appreciated steel “jewels”.

It is a leading company in the production of coffee machines which are completely Made in Italy. Everything, from the initial idea to the finished product, is made in Italy, in Tuscany.

FLYTEK has received the ISO 9001 quality management system certification and stands out for its important collaborations with universities, steelworks, and directional consultancies. The company cares about the continuous training of human capital and pays maximum attention to the social aspect, by respecting ethical values.


Our future success will be achieved thanks to targeted investments in 3 areas.

Exploring and reaching new market areas to expand our growth. Developing the current models and creating new lines.

Privileging ecology and sustainability. Designing new highly recyclable materials, ergonomic shapes, and unconventional production processes to generate the minimum environmental impact possible. Our research for the reduction of emissions is continuous, to optimise quality of life at its best.

Educating and training. Investment in projects with universities and technical vocational training institutes for the training of young people and recruitment of new talents, also thanks to school-work alternation.


The Flytek logo

Our logo is strongly linked to Tuscany: in fact, the pegasus is the symbol of the Tuscan flag and has been taken from a 16th century coin drawing by the artist Benvenuto Collini.

Inspired by this symbol, Flytek designed a winged horse with open wings to convey the courage and willingness to set out on its mission.

Our pegasus was then inserted into a classic shield that symbolises a medieval city like Serravalle Pistoiese.