How many times did you wish to have an excellent espresso bar coffee, creamy and with a perfect aroma, at home? How many times did you dream of that espresso taste that gives you ultimate satisfaction and energy during your coffee break at the office? FLYTEK coffee machines are professional machines for bars, which are tailor-made for your home or work environment. They are real jewels of design and made in Italy, for ultimate pleasure during your days. They are a handmade artwork, that you can show to your guests and customers. Having chosen it first is a great satisfaction!

The 1-group single dose capsules or paper pods system FLYTEK machines offer the ultimate technology of the professional bar machines, but in a more practical formula, so that they can be used also at home and at the office. For an espresso, a cappuccino, and an always perfect aroma, at any time of day, choose FLYTEK!

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