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“Project co-financed under Tuscany POS FESR 2014-2020”

Thanks to the support of the European funds we took through the Tuscany region, by the “POR CReO” program our factory has managedto promote the identity of its products.

The program “Smart Manufacturing and design” was born out of the need of grow and expand on the national and international territories.

We have implemented a new “ERP” system with the aim of improving the quality of the products and the proccesses by optimizing the organizational structure and the “physical/informational flows in order to realize “Kaizen” projects which allow us to support expected growing trends. The new Web Site design and the DIgital Branding study allowed the company to promote the identity and the marketing on the global market. The web site has been filled with contents which have a big innovative impact of communicating the value of the company and facilitating the user in the search thanks to the use of SEO logics. In the end we have carried out some consultancy activities which made possible to make technical analyzes on the products with the aim of acquiring the reference certifications. This result, in addition to representing an element of confirming the good executive feasibility of the products, will allow us to access to international markets.

Tecno Meccanica Srl has been able to create the know-how for continuous improvement and is ready for the next challenge!