FLYTEK distributes coffee machines in Italy through the coffee roasting companies, studying the most suitable technical solution for their specific coffee blends, which are real tailor-made technological creations. FLYTEK offers this exclusive service, to obtain the perfect espresso coffee, just as a fashion house expertly designs a smart tailor-made suit. This is the Made in Italy excellence.

Thanks to its internal team of engineers, only FLYTEK is able to adapt the technological and mechanical system of espresso coffee machines, to the type of special coffee produced by the coffee roasting company. With FLYTEK “tailor made” service, the coffee roasting company has the guarantee of obtaining an excellent result, a machine that produces a coffee which is always at the highest quality levels, cup after cup.

FLYTEK also takes care of the training of the personnel of its coffee roasting customers, putting at disposal its own qualified technicians for dedicated hours of courses.

Assistance and spare parts

Being at the coffee roasting companies’ service means also ensuring 360° technical support. We supply drawings, exploded technical views, and spare parts price lists for all our machines, even through an online service in a reserved area dedicated to the registered customers. Spare parts are definitely our strength. The ordered spare parts are usually available within only 2 working days.

The design, research, and development are activities which are constantly related with your needs. FLYTEK models are tailor-designed and produced. And they are not just simple words; in fact, they can be also customised with your Brand through a sophisticated laser marking treatment, using the most innovative fibre technology that modifies the stainless steel surface, permanently etching your brand. Almost like a tattoo. In addition, the machines can be enriched with optionals specifically designed for every single model, keeping into account their characteristics, in order to produce them in accordance with your needs.