Aqvastar Flytek - front view
Aqvastar Flytek - left side view
Aqvastar Flytek - right side view
Aqvastar Flytek - back view
Aqvastar Flytek – detail

Not only coffee machines - FlyTek's craftsmanship is also expressed in the brand new AqvaStar: a practical, innovative and strictly handmade water purifier for domestic use. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and replace them with a functional and beautifully designed accessory!

Product description


  • ENOUGH of bottled waterr
  • STOP bad smells and tastes
  • ALWAYS Microfiltred water
  • STOP proliferation of bacteria
  • Functioning WITHOUT electricity
  • QUICK CONNECTION to the home tap
  • You can take it WHERE YOU WANT

Design and elegance for everyone.


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