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Zip Matt Black

The taste of elegance

We took our ZiP Basic coffee machine, applied a modern matt-effect colour and enriched it with precious frames (front and side) in polished stainless steel. ZiP Lux Black replicates all the technical and delivery features of ZiP Basic, but with something extra.

For home and family, 100% Made in Italy, with 1-litre tank, in Inox Lucido, it is the baby of the family, loved by everyone. The reduced absorption (800W) helps the family keep under control electric energy consumptions. The water softener bag (optional) to be changed every six months, allows to reduce the hardness of the water in the tank and therefore, the formation of scale in the coffee group. Also, maintenance is very simple: very few screws of the same type allow easy access to the mechanical and hydraulic components of the group. ZIP is a small masterpiece of the Italian coffee technology.

Product description

  • Power supply: 220/230V
  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Absorption: 700 W ca.
  • Coffee groups max pressure: 20 bars
  • Coffee groups average pressure: 8 bars
  • Tank capacity: 1 l.
  • Dip tray capacity: 300 cm3
  • Main material: Precious Luxury Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 6 Kg ca.
  • Dimensions LxHxW: 195x283x300 mm ca.

Open the door to an Italian artwork.

How many times did you wish to have an excellent espresso bar coffee, creamy and with a perfect aroma, at home? How many times did you dream of that espresso taste that gives you ultimate satisfaction and energy during your coffee break at the office? FLYTEK coffee machines are professional machines for bars which are tailor-made for your home or work environment. They are real jewels of design and made in Italy, for ultimate pleasure during your days. They are a handmade artwork, that you can show to your guests and customers. Having chosen it first is a great satisfaction!

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